By Jonathan Berger (like the food, only not spelled the same)

Quick Review

  • Where: 3907 St-Laurent
  • Kind of food: Portuguese
  • Usual Suspects: Portuguese people. Locals and students.
  • Why I love it: Because the food is delicious and perfectly priced and watching them prepare the food behind the counter just makes me salivate.
  • Why you’ll love it: The chicken.
  • Who to take: Go with some friends or with your significant other for a quick bite.
  • I ordered: Combo #2
  • Waiter suggests: Combo #2 if you’re hungry.
  • Price: $$
  • Bonus GIF rating:

Have you ever gone to Schwartz’s only to see a line out the door? Well, why not walk past that line and go on into Coco Rico’s? Why? Well let’s go on a journey into your taste buds.

Phil and I walked in (Phil’s recommendation for dinner) and both went for combo #2: ¼ chicken, pork and beef ribs with some spicy sauce and their famous potatoes. We also bought some bread and water to wash it all down, and a Natas (a mini-custard cake) for dessert. I was wondering how much this was going to set me back, but I was pleasantly surprised by the relatively small bill of 15$. We turned to a nearby counter with stools and sat down to eat.

The chicken, the pork, and the beef were all tender and practically fell off the bone just by picking them up. When I ripped open the bread, it practically melted away in my mouth, which is exactly what I wanted because I needed to save room for my plate full of meaty goodies.

As you eat every bite you eagerly anticipate the next, and the only reason to drink the water is to get the maximum taste out of your meal.

The custard cake is no pushover either. It’s some of the smoothest custard you will ever have.

Reflecting on the meal, the only downside was that the spicy sauce wasn’t really all that spicy. But for the quality and quantity of food given to you for such a great price, how can you resist?

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