So it’s 5:30pm and I’m sitting in Cafe Cleopatre, waiting for Man Legs to show up. A weird location for an interview, but who am I to question the talent?

As 5:45 rolls around, thoughts of being stood up start to cross my mind…or maybe the composers of “Zong Death” just straight up forgot. The paranoia doesn’t get a chance to settle as the three barely legal boys burst through the front door.

“Sorry we’re late. We’ve actually never been here before”  The trio apologized, somewhere in my general direction while taking in the uh… ambiance.

Man Legs is a three piece band from Calgary who play a unique brand of rock ‘n roll. Mixing psych, garage, the occasional prog riff and a pinch of 60s soul, these Prairie imports have been causing a stir around town since their sold out Pop Montreal showcase last September. In a sea of simplistic three chord party punk and beachy stonergazing, they’ve set themselves apart with overtly technical song structures and relentless energy.

“That’s the problem with the garage scene,” says drummer Joe. “A lot of bands have the attitude, and I guess it’s cool that it’s a form of music where you get to express yourself even if you haven’t put in as many hours on your instrument,” he says. “I just appreciate it way more when people put in crazy licks and interesting parts.”

We caught up more next to the fetish cages to talk Friendo and favourite Montreal hangouts.

You guys moved here from Calgary. What inspired the move?

Joe: Well, we’re all students here.

Josh: To get some exposure. Play to a different crowd.

Bryce: And learn to French kiss!

How’d you get started? 

Joe: When we started we had no idea how to get shows, but thankfully we had these big brother type figures like Mike Wallace (Women/Friendo) who helped us get started.

Josh: Yeah, they were huge supporters of us from the get-go and they stumbled upon our MySpace and started booking shows for us at their venue, which really helped to kickstart things.

How do you find the Montreal scene in comparison to Calgary?

Josh: It’s so different.

Joe: I kinda miss Calgary. People seem to get more rowdy at shows.

Bryce: But we did have people crowd surfing at Cagibi, which is like a coffee shop.

What’s the best show you’ve played in Montreal? 

Unanimously: Crobar.

Josh: Blue Skies has been hooking us up, and we’ve been playing with some In The Red bands and great garage bands like Cheap Time and Night Beats, but ever since we moved here, we’ve been wanting to start our own scene of musicians. Some friends of ours booked a show at Crobar, which is a grungy dive bar on Crescent…

Bryce:  A really cool bar, despite its location. The only Montreal bar I’ve heard Motorhead in!

Josh: We managed to get a bill of all friends. So it was Sick Friend, who are local…

Bryce: Kurvi Tasch and Snooker Emporium (the silliest band name ever)

Josh: We played last night and it was great. Everyone in attendance knew someone in each band, so the energy was just huge and massively supportive. A real throwback to Calgary where everyone knows everyone. That’s really what we wanna do here.

Well, that should about bring us to the end of our questions. Let’s talk about Man Legs’ favorite local spots:

Best Poutine– Patati Patata

Favorite Record Store– Le Pick Up

Favorite Park to Drink In– Mont-Royal

Favorite Dep Wine– La Boheme Gentleman (I couldn’t find this wine in a Google search, but there’s strip club in Denver, CO under the same name. Coincidence?)

Best Venue to Play– Casa del Popolo

Favorite Local Bands– Le Kid et Les Marinellis, Uncle Bad Touch

For more info on where to catch Man Legs, check the links below:



Blue Skies Turn Black-

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