Where: 1353 René-Levesque est

Kind of food: Southern

Usual Suspects: It was very empty (especially for a Friday night), but based on the sample I witnessed, you’ll find old tourists who probably followed an outdated review and awkward new couples who wanted to convince themselves they’re hip and in the know.

Why I love it: I didn’t love it. They did have a good whiskey selection though, which is always a plus. I’d give it a 7/10 max on a good day with a full house.

Why you’ll love it: You probably won’t love it either, but I suggest you try it once just to say you’ve been.

Who to take: Someone you’ve been dating for at least three months, so you’re past the judging phase. He or she will most likely forget about the mediocre restaurant you took them to, whereas on a first date, it’d be etched in their minds forever.

I ordered:

Appetizer | Japanese Taco with pulled beef teriyaki – $12: If it wasn’t so expensive, I would’ve ordered 10 more. This was one of the best tacos I’ve ever had. 10/10.

Main | Flat-iron steak with fries and salad – $22: I ordered it medium and it came rare. The fries were delicious, but the salad was pre-prepared and mushy from the dressing. Meh. 6/10.

Side | Spicy Chili tasting – $5: I don’t know what I expected. It was just two tiny bowls of the house chili to spread on the bread. Lame. 5/10.

Waiter suggests: Japanese taco to start and the beer-braised short ribs as an entrée. I should’ve listened to him.

Price: $$$

Here’s a link to their menu for fun.

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