Where:  545 Milton St

Kind of food: Vegetarian

Usual Suspects: Students/tree huggers

Why I love it: The food and concept is both fresh and innovative

Why you’ll love it: The menu is made up of delicious dishes with a vegetarian twist

Who to take: Friends, second or third date

I ordered: Gluten-free Curry dish with rise, tofu, vegies and sour cream

Price: $$

Lola Rosa is a small, intimate restaurant, the atmosphere being inviting and charming the second you step in. Even if you aren’t a vegetarian, the menu is inventive enough to satisfy and excite every palate. The coolest part about the restaurant, however, apart from being a hidden gem in the Montreal restaurant scene, is the concept behind the seating arrangements. Each table is actually a desk, each customer having access to a drawer filled with little notes left by previous customers. In these drawers you’ll find love letters, confessions of deep secrets, or even simple order suggestions. Dining at Lola Rosa becomes an experience, one marked by excellent food, sweet waiters, and a newfound connection with a complete stranger.

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