On the border of Mile End and Outremont sits Voro, a chic restaurant with a rustic industrial interior and trendy atmosphere. Approaching the café in the early hours of a sweltering Sunday afternoon, the smell of freshly ground coffee spilled out onto the sidewalk, aromatizing the picnic table seating area attended by well-dressed patrons.

In the ancient Latin language, voro means “swallow” – and that’s exactly the theme that the owners and chefs have strived to attain. Their passion for a fusion between simplicity and delightful cuisine has proven to be quite successful thus far.

Manager Nick Rosati describes the evening menu as “Phoenician, ancient Mediterranean, and North African inspired” – and it’s not hard to see why. With everything on the menu from roasted eggplant and grilled lamb to tilapia, nomadic pilaf and couscous, they’ve truly got it all covered. Not to mention, they even bake their own focaccia!

Primarily known as an evening destination for folks in the Plateau-Mile End-Outremont districts, Voro has recently expanded their menu to indulge guests in a large brunch menu, including some delicious treats such as their French Toast and Roasted chicken with bacon, spinach and gorgonzola sauce and their increasingly popular Frittata merguez with red onion, spinach, goat cheese, roasted peppers and roasted sweet potatoes.

While the brunch menu leaves plenty of other options, it was exactly these two items we chose to devour that day. And they absolutely were fantastic. Chase them down with a cup of Italian coffee, and call it a day. I barely had enough energy to stand up and walk ten feet, nevermind Bixi all the way back to my ‘hood. If those choices don’t tickle your fancy, the waitress also recommended the Latkes and Gravlax with caper berries, fried egg and house yoghurt sauce.

But it doesn’t stop at the brunch. As I said before, Voro has what it takes to become one of those places where you want to be seen at night. With a mouth-watering lunch menu, an ever-affordable night menu (for this neighbourhood, it’s a steal!), and an impressive cocktail list, look out for this venue to hit the spotlight any minute.

A young, hip and fun staff will be sure to add to the not-too-sophisticated charm of this charming spot. As Rosati says, “Voro is all about consuming. We are one of the cornerstones of the neighbourhood – you can come here any time of day to consume anything from coffee to cocktails.” If I were you, I wouldn’t wait another minute.

For more information, check out their website HERE.

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