This week, The Main got to know local artist Kirsten McCrea. She happens to be an important member of mural group En Masse and is romantically involved with print man JP King. She is also the brains behind art-in-the-mail system Papirmasse. Subscribers get an original print in the mail by a different artist every month. I asked her some questions I thought were pertinent, so enjoy!


Name: Kirsten McCrea

Age: 29

Best known for: Intricate Patterning and Affordable Art

Artistic background: BFA in Studio Arts, Concordia University. Mostly painting and drawing but also dabbled in screenprinting and video.

Future goals/ vision: I am currently in the early stages of a massive immersive art project that will combine drawing and painting with sculpture and installation. It’s going to be major and will take a few years to complete… and it’s top secret until it’s done.

Relationship advice: Be honest and say what you think.

What’s in your pockets right now? Sweatpants have no pockets.

Favorite Montreal hangout spot: My friend Mark’s living room.

Favorite line from a movie: I rarely watch movies, though the best one I have seen in a long time is Samsara, but it has no dialogue.

Do you recommend an up-and-coming Montreal artist? Michelle Furlong has caught my attention this year. As has Kerri Flannigan.

Click for larger photos!


You can get more Kirsten at and more info on the increasingly popular Papirmasse at