Where: C’mon, like you don’t already know about it… There’s only one place to go in the city when you want to (cheaply) satisfy that craving for mouthwatering, delicious chicken. In case you’ve been so unfortunate, you’ gotta check out Rotisserie Romados in the Plateau. Find it on 115 Rue Rachel Est, corner of de Bouillon.

Kind of Food: There’s nothing but traditional Portuguese cuisine at this walk-in establishment. You can find everything from full chickens and machete-cut legs and breasts (served either on the bone or in a sandwich) to delectable desserts in the counter windows. Oh and don’t forget the fries… they’re unbelievable! And hey, you can even buy freshly baked buns and other Portuguese breads. What else do you need?

Usual Suspects: Just about anyone who knows anything about good, fast food. You’ll see cyclists with their helmets still on in for a quick pick-up, old folks that have most likely been devouring the Romados chicken for decades, students and other Plateau-linked folk.

Why I love it: I know I’m guilty of always saying this, but what’s not to love? First of all, it’s quick. You rock up to the counter at the back of the restaurant, order your food, they slice and dice it up right in front of you, and you’re paying in no time. There are about a dozen seats in the whole place, so you’ll have to be creative – but I kinda like that, too (not so much in the winter…)

Why you’ll love it: The food is really well priced and really fucking good. I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t walk away from this place hungry. It’s casual, fast-paced, exciting, unique, and incredibly Montreal.

Who to take: Your best friend. Nobody else will sit there with you while you have greasy chicken fat dripping down your chin or your tongue sticking out of your mouth from their flavourful spicy sauce. If all else fails, just go alone. It’s okay… we don’t judge.

I ordered: ½ chicken with salad and fries (last time I got the sandwich… for only $5! what a deal!). I’ve always been too full to chow down on their desserts, but one of these days… I’m going after those custard tarts.

Staff Recommendation: Chicken… duh.

Price: $-$$

Rotisserie Romados, romados montreal

Rotisserie Romados, Rotisserie Romados sandwich, chicken sandwich

Rotisserie Romados, romados montreal

Rotisserie Romados, romados montreal, romados




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