Ain’t nothing like a good show to jump start your day. As I walked up to the entrance at Café Campus, I could not conceal my excitement to finally see Ain’t No Love perform. I had been dying to see the group live since I first heard of them last year, but unfortunately missed their show at Belmont by literally two minutes. (Damn you late working hours!)

Luckily, they were back on stage for the seventh edition of the M for Montreal festival, which had kicked off on the Wednesday. Things were just heating up.

The Montreal/Toronto-based group is composed of four members: The group’s producer, Love Thy Brother, MC’s 1990 and Beanz, as well as vocalist Saidah Conrad.  Together, they are electric, with each individual bringing their very own unique characteristics and talent to the table. They exemplified no less of this that Thursday afternoon.

Opening the show with her melodic vocals, Saidah began singing Days Like This, complimented by Love Thy Brother’s slow uplifting beat. The show took a sharp turn when 1990 hit the stage running and announcing, “Think we’ll take it easy ’cause it’s early afternoon… but I don’t think so!” with Beanz right on his tail. The audience knew right then that they were in for a promising twenty minute set.

They delivered their promise by following up with Love Me Lots. The boys kept the room energized with their enthusiasm, dancing and hopping around the room to Saidah’s lyrics, “Have you ever seen the boys? They be making all that noise…” Well if we hadn’t before, we definitely have now.

They left the crowd dancing to Crucified and Shine before ending with their personal favourite, Little Champion. Their energy throughout the show was contagious, travelling through their beats and their voices like electricity. Waiting a whole year to finally see them was well worth it.

I also had the privilege of going backstage after the show and meeting the gang. Surprisingly, they were just as animated offstage as on, perhaps even more. Constantly smiling and cracking jokes, they appeared to be more of a family than a group that had just started making music together only four years ago.

Being based in two of Canada’s largest metropolitans while combining hip-hop/rap and electro/dubstep as complementing genres, Ain’t No Love embraces the different sounds and cultures their music derived from. Their performance was effervescent with passion, and if they continue to invest such dedication into their music, there ain’t gonna be nothin’ but love for it.



Alexxa Walker is a music writer at The Main MTL and a student at Concordia University. She really wishes she could be a gangster though. If you think you can start a gang with her, contact the OG here.