Where: Located at Mont Royal and Mentana, a few blocks east of St Denis, Misto is a fairly swanky bistro in the heart of the plateau. Like many Montreal restaurants, it is built in a refurbished garage – the whole front wall is a glass-paneled garage door that opens in the summer months. The décor is very inviting, with low, warm lighting, an extensive bar, and mirrors that open up the space. In short, it’s classy as hell.

Kind of Food:  Misto serves high-end Italian bistro fare. The menu boasts an extensive variety of European-influenced Italian dishes.  My dinner companions and I ordered from the TasteMTL menu which definitely strayed from the Italian theme but nonetheless provided delicious choices for a reasonable price.

Restaurant Misto

Usual Suspects: Because of this place’s usual medium-high price range and elegant décor, the room was populated with mostly 30 or 40-somethings either in small groups or on dates.

Why I love it: The wine and cocktails list is extensive, and even the simplest drinks, like the gin and tonic that I ordered, are served in a creative way: the tonic water came separately in a little decanter to add as much as you want to the gin over ice with lime. The food was all impeccably cooked- the seafood was extremely tender, which is not an easy feat to achieve, and the pasta was served perfectly al dente. I also give our waiter’s moustache an A+.

Why you’ll love it:
  The sophisticated atmosphere coupled with the large variety of food and drink options makes this place great for special occasion outings with several people- no one will leave unsatisfied or empty, or too sober.

Who to take:
 Take a date, if you’re not too worried about spending a mildly hefty sum for some really delicious food and cozy but elegant ambiance. Don’t bring your grandmother- the music and the bustle of the other diners resonates pretty loudly and can impede on conversation.

Restaurant Misto

I ordered:
 Because we ordered from the limited TasteMTL menu (29$), we tried to get at least one of each item. The gravlax appetizer with limoncello, though very scantily served and a bit sweet, was very light, and a great way to start the meal. The other appetizer, burratta cheese with tomatoes, basil, and olive oil, was really sensational: similar to boconcini on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside. As my entrée, I ordered the seafood risotto, complete with perfectly cooked calamari rings, scallops and shrimp. At the table, we also had the pasta carbonara, which was rich but very well seasoned, loaded with chicken and bacon. It came with an egg yolk, still in its shell, to mix right in. We also ordered the delicious ravioli in gorgonzola sauce, but the portion was disproportionately small for an entree. The tiramisu for dessert was perfect- sweet and creamy, and very well served.

: $$$

Rating: 3.5/5

Contact: 929 Mont Royal E / 514 526 5043

Hours of operation: Wednesday-Friday: 11:30 to 3:00, 5:30-midnight, Saturday-Thursday: 5:30-midnight (dinner only)

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