I recently had the chance to catch up with dope local clothing designer Jordana Globerman, the bada$$ biotch/creative wizard behind NIGH Apparel. She will make you lol and think about God, all while assuring you are superbly well dressed.

The Main: What is NIGH? Give us the low down on your brand. How it got started, when it started, why it started.

NIGH Apparel: In the summer of 2011, I had just graduated and was looking for a way to promote my art and not get sucked in by the post-graduating doldrums. My brother suggested I start a brand of graphic t-shirts, since I had expressed an interest in graffiti style designs. To make it simple, I thought I would start with three bold designs, using apocalyptic imagery as a visual motif. I had been taking a lot of religions classes in my last year of school and was inspired by the psychedelic visions described in Ezekiel. NIGH was born.

TM: I love the way the name rolls off the tongue. How did you come up with the name NIGH? Does it have any meaning or did you just pick it because it sounds mad rad?

NA: Thanks! Well, like I said, I was working with the idea of the apocalypse. You have to remember, 2012 was rolling in and we were all still believing in the Maya. I wanted a name that evoked this nihilism without creating too much of an image in the viewer’s mind. NIGH came from that good ol’ saying “The end is nigh”, as in we’re all about to die.

TM: Your art is pretty groovy and trippy. What inspires you when you’re creating? Hallucinogens? An indescribable force? Creative release?

NA: God lives in all things, including pencils.


TM: RAPID FIRE…Draw or paint?
NA: An artist can’t decide.

TM: Colour or B&W?
NA: I don’t see colour.

TM: Day or night?
NA: I’m a night owl.

TM: Wine or beer?
NA: Whisky

TM: Beef burgers of soy burgers?
NA: Soy, I’m a goddamn hippy.

TM: Comics or cartoons?
NA: Comics. Also Ikea manuals.

TM: If you could meet any other artist in the world who would it be and why?

NA: Adrien Ghenie, Jerome Lagarrigue, Lucian Freud (although he’s pretty dead), and Craig Thompson cause they’re talented men. That said, it’s probably best to never meet your idols, but to love them from afar.

TM: What do you ultimately hope to achieve with NIGH? Do you eventually hope to see amazing superstars like Justin Bieber and Madonna rocking your tees?

NA: Bieber is such a babe-magnet as it is, that to have him rock a NIGH shirt would probably be a menace to society. I won’t really get started on Madonna. That said, having anyone love and wear NIGH is an honour. My main goal is to make NIGH my full-time job and a bit of a household name. And whether it’s big name celebs or Montreal hipsters who make that a reality, I’ll be happy to see them looking good in these designs.

Thanks for your insight and general awesomeness, Miss Glo.


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Photography Copyright NIGH Apparel

Ariana Molly is the Fashion Editor and Street Style photographer at The Main.