Remember that nifty staff blog I posted two weeks ago 0n being mad stoked about my haircut, tattoo and impromptu trip to Berlin? Well, guess what fellow Miss Vickie’s munchers, it’s 2 a.m. on Valentine’s Day and not only am I forever alone, I just spent three hours on hold with both Expedia and American Airlines POSTPONING MY FREAKING TRIP. Do you know what this means? Not only does it mean that I won’t be drunk for the next 10 days and 10 nights, but it also means that I have to go home to Snottawa to escape the shame currently residing in my half packed luggage and travel-sized shampoo.

Sorry, but this is where I get preachy…. for the love of all that is holy, I discourage you financially functional friends to never, ever do anything as stupid as booking a trip to Berlin before you finish paying off your freaking school fees. You know that moment when a dog sticks their tail between their legs and gives you “the eyes” as you observe the puddle of piss sinking into your vintage Persian rug? Well, this is something like that, except far less adorable. There’s nothing cute about the eyes your online banking gives you after a spending bender– and that’s a fact.



 On top of that, I have contracted some sort of mutant virus that is currently nesting in my lungs and have the cough of a dying 90-year-old man with an 80-year-old smoking problem. Is this when my milkshake is supposed to bring the boys to the yard?

I guess I’m going to spend the next 24 hours hopped up on Buckley’s, curled in the fetal position, watching Seinfeld re-runs and crying into a tub of no name ice cream (since I can’t afford Ben & Jerry’s). Long live frivolous youth and all that fun shit.

My state will resemble something similar to around 32 seconds.

Lastly, I saw this meme yesterday and loled. I hope you lol too. And on that note, wishing you a Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day.


PS this is a really cute video of some really cute kids. If it can make me smile, it can sure as shit make you smile too.

Ariana is the Fashion Editor and Street Style Photographer for The Main. Please excuse her uncontrollable, sleep deprived rage fest and love the fact that your life probably sounds that much better right now. You can read her faboosh blog here.