Last week, I was craving a latte, so I took a drive down to Notre-Dame to check out Caffè Mariani, but it was closed for renovations! Thankfully, it reopened just in time for weekend brunch. Eggs, potatoes, bacon– check! Latte– check! Once again, a very happy camper. I had only been there once, last summer, and I was looking forward to returning.

Food Porn: I had the Cassolette. A mountain of potatoes, bacon, ham, green onions, cheddar cheese (the menu lists this item with mushrooms, but I requested mine sans fungi). It was served on a burning hot skillet. Maybe I didn’t need to start my day off with a cannoli from La Cornetteria… the portion was huge! Please don’t be shy to tell your server to give you a smaller portion. Otherwise, you could end up like me– the asshole food waster. My friend had Le Bouchon, which was more of a “regular” breakfast: eggs, meat, potatoes. The toast came with jam that looked suspiciously like ketchup, but in reality, it was a fresh mango, strawberry jam made in-house. Her portion was also ginormous. Two asshole food wasters…

la cornetteria cannoli




Caffe Mariani Montreal Le Bouchon

Le Bouchon

Atmosphere: A little loud, but everyone appeared to be having a good time (except for the couple that didn’t talk to each other and spent the entire time looking at their smartphones). We got there in the nick of time before the line really got long.

Price: The most expensive item on the menu was $13 and had eggs, meat, and waffles. On the value/price scale, you can’t go wrong!

Service: Service is a little slow when they are busy, but our server was super friendly and she got us out of there pretty quickly when we were ready to go.

Afterglow: The need to drink lots of water because you’ve consumed a lot of sodium…

Drinks: I named my latte “Nemo” because it looked like a fish. The froth was so thick you could cut it with a knife. My friend had a cappuccino and said it was amazing.


  • Take your car if you have one. Lots of neighborhood parking! Metro: St. Henri.
  • Brunch, coffee, tea, comfort food, local, Notre-Dame
Caffe Mariani Montreal Nemo latte


Caffe Mariani Montreal cappuccino


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