Mikasa Sushi Bar was the choice eatery among my colleagues and I for a quick team lunch late last week. Mikasa has several locations in both Montreal and Laval– we headed out to the L’Acadie spot, since it’s closest to our office. 

Sushi Bar

The way I judge a sushi restaurant is by a piece of salmon sashimi– the cut, colour, texture and temperature. The sashimi test is the make or break it factor for the restaurant. In this case, the sashimi was good, but just good, nothing really to rave about. However, they compensated tenfold with all their other dishes. Here’s the critical breakdown:

Food: I was really impressed by the chef’s creativity– great flavours, good portions and impeccable presentation. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Salmon sashimi & grilled salmon

Salmon sashimi & grilled salmon

Fantasy Mikasa Montreal

Fantasy – Smoked salmon, caviar, shrimp, asparagus, omelet, kanikama


Nirvana – tuna, salmon, shrimp tempura, spicy kani, avocado, tobiko


Konoha – spicy salmon, tobiko, oba


Paradise – hamachi, salmon, tuna, tobiko, masago, oba, shrimp tempura


Sunshine – Tuna, hamachi, scallops tartar, mango, salad, honey


Emperor – Unagi, salmon yaki, tobiko, salad, mango, oshinko, shrimp tempura

Salmon teriyaki

Classic Salmon Teriyaki

Atmosphere: Elegant and posh– great date/corporate meeting spot.

Service: Great, the waiter suggested some dishes which were phenomenal.

Price: $$$$ (Specialty rolls and Chef’s suggestions range from about $16-18 per roll)

Afterglow: Sushi craving… satisfied. I suggest you check out Mikasa if you’re in the area. I’m definitely going to head back to try their other specialty rolls.


  • Metro: Sauvé
  • Sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, fish.

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