When I crave tartare, the first restaurant that comes to mind is Marché 27. I’ve been here on numerous occasions and simply keep coming back for more. It’s located in the Plateau right off St. Laurent on Prince Arthur and is indeed one of the best tartare bars, if not the only in Montreal.

oysters - eastcoast.JPG

Half dozen East Coast Oysters

We began the night by ordering a round of oysters, which is always a must for me. I absolutely love them and find there’s no better way to start dinner with a round of fresh oysters to get my palate all worked up. With a generous amount of lemon and a touch of Tabasco, these were heavenly.

duck - italian

Duck Italian (Parmesan, truffle oil, shallots and chives)


If you recall back to my first post on Tuck Shop, I talk about how I often order tartare from restaurants even after being continuously disappointed time and time again. Well, Marché 27 is my safe haven and my go-to place for a fix. The great thing about this place is that they offer a huge selection of protein which can be prepared in thirteen different styles– my absolute favourites being Duck Italian and Tuna Japanese. Portions may not seem like a lot, as you have a choice of either 100-150-200 grams, but trust me, 150 grams of Tuna Japanese with a side of sweet potato fries and oysters did me just right.

Both tartares were prepared to perfection– fresh, flavourful and simply mouthwatering. For the duck, the parmesan and truffle oil paired up really nicely, as well as the tempura in the tuna.

photo 4

Tuna Japanese (wasabi, soy sauce, tempura, ginger, shallots and chives)


tuna - upclose

Tuna Japanese (wasabi, soy sauce, tempura, ginger, shallots and chives)

For all you first timers, I recommend you try one of their two tasting platters. Each platter serves 50 grams of several preselected proteins, the first being a mix of both meat and fish priced at $40, and the second strictly being fish at $56. I think this is an interesting alternative for those who don’t exactly know what they want. You can check out the menu here

tasting menu

Tasting Platter

Atmosphere: laid back, yet hip and trendy.

Service: Inconsistent– I’ve had extremely good, mediocre and even poor service.

Price: $$$ somewhat reasonable, but can be pricey (100-200 grams range from $14 – $38)

Afterglow:  More. I want MORE! I know tartare is not for everyone, but if you’re debating on whether or not you should give it a try, I highly encourage you to do so! I believe you should try everything at least once, and if you don’t like it, try it somewhere else!


  • Closest metro: Sherbrooke, about a 5-minute walk. 
  • French, bistro, tartare, fusion.

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