Last weekend, we teamed up with the awesome folks at Palladium Boots and went exploring around one of Montreal’s most underappreciated areas.

From the St. Ambroise Brewery, to the Fattal lofts, to the foodie culture on the main strip, St. Henri literally oozes both cool factor and history.


We made it an early morning shoot because hey, who’s got anything better to do than wake up on a Sunday morning and go exploring? We ventured to the train tracks and to the St. Ambroise Brewery where our two sneaky models, Spencer Edwards and Fehn Foss, decided to climb the building’s fire escape. I may have feared for my life, but the photos turned out pretty groovy, so I guess it was all for the sake of art.




After that, we found ourselves at the Fattal lofts, better known as the punk haven of Montreal. There, you can find Death House, a St. Henri show venue, and by far, some of the most kick-ass street art this city has to offer. The work of recognizable local graffiti and street artists covers nearly every inch of wall space. If you’re into that culture, it is more than worth checking out.themainpalladium05themainpalladium04


Before calling it a day, the last few hot spots we checked out were the two most notorious St. Henri restaurants, Joe Beef and Burgundy Lion. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to hit them up for a bite or some drinks.



A huge thank you goes out to Palladium Boots for making our feet look awesome as we wandered the cultural neighbourhood of St. Henri. The boots worn by all the models are part of the new Monochrome Collection and are now available for purchase!




Photography and Art Direction by: Ariana Molly

Models: Spencer Edwards, Fehn Foss, Phil Tabah and Ariana Molly

Footwear sponsored by Palladium Boots