Last week, La Société hosted its grand opening with the class and style expected from a bistro aiming to reflect the culture of the City of Lights. There were girls with short white dresses and feathers, plenty of appetizers and lots of alcohol to enjoy! The restaurant appeared to have put a lot of effort into making an impression on its audience, and it didn’t go to waste.

Food: A selection of appetizers from the menu were served, which tempted anybody who tried it to return for a second visit. The hors d’oeuvres that were passed around included cheese quiche and duck “lollipops” (duck fat on a bone with maple syrup). They were both amazing, especially the duck, whose flavour mixed with the sweetness of maple syrup resulted in a unique taste.

Later on in the night, they served small ice cream cones and mojito macaroons, which were another special creation La Société scored big points on. It’s a definite must.

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On the drinks side, there was the usual beer and wine (for the wine enthusiasts, La Société boasts a selection of over 250 labels) along with some cocktails that were both creative and tasty. One that stood out was the BBC, a combination of cognac, banana liqueur and Bailey’s. Another aspect of the restaurant that separates it from the pack is its raw seafood bar. Customers can choose to sit at this bar and order degustation plates with some incredible seafood. At the event, they served the oysters and shrimps. The shrimps were good, but the oysters were hands down some of the best I’ve ever had. I don’t even usually eat oysters, but I must’ve had at least 5 or 6. A special deal that I’ll make sure to take advantage of is the $2.00 oysters on Thursday! This mix of classic choices and creative culinary inventions culminates into an individual experience, despite the abundance of French bistros in Montreal.

Atmosphere: It definitely resembles higher-end dining, but La Société also adds small touches to give it a sense of trendiness as well like its picture-covered walls and chandeliers. A little “easter egg” in the design of the restaurant is the colour of the walls. They chose a yellowish white because the walls of bistros in Paris were originally white, but due to all the smoking indoors, could only be that particular colour once they were extensively cleaned.

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Service: I was impressed. Even though it was packed and everybody was standing around, the servers were quick on their feet and always kind and polite when spoken to.

Price: It’s a bit pricy, but not as expensive as other restaurants of the same style.

La Société is new on the scene, but it’s only a matter of time until it becomes a big part of the fantastic dining experience that Montreal offers. Definitely check this place out!

Photos: La Société

Sam Ergina is a contributor to The Main.