Another weekend, another chance to brunch. I’m on the road so frequently for work right now that I am always craving the weekend and a chance to catch up with friends over a giant latte and some great food. Last weekend took me to La Petite Marche. I hadn’t eaten here in several years, and was hoping to secure a much coveted outdoor spot– a chance to eat great food and people watch! All plans were successful and catching up on gossip with a great friend was the perfect start to a Saturday.

Food Porn: Since I had zero recollection of my last experience, I didn’t know what to expect. Holy fuck! I started with my absolute must: the latte. It was perfection with just a tiny bit of chocolate shavings. No need for sugar. And then I ordered the Eggs Benny (sauce on the side to pretend I am healthy). Plate was massive, food was delicious. I was starving and pretty much finished my plate, except for the purple grapes– I’m more of a green grapes kinda girl… The menu is extensive and the price:value ratio is fantastic! My plate was $10.95! I didn’t eat until dinner.


Atmosphere: If you are eating outside, you’ve got the ambient noises of St. Denis. If you are eating inside on a nice day, it’s not as loud because everyone wants to sit outside. Anyone and everyone is eating here.

Service: Multiple staff members served my friend and I during brunch and everyone was so nice. Switching easily between English and French. Nothing pretentious. When we were ready to leave, they had us out the door and ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

Drinks: Most of the breakfasts come with regular coffee and orange juice, so you can have a relatively cheap brunch unless you’re a weekend coffee snob and insist on the upgrade. The orange juice glass is teeny tiny, but the juice itself is yummy. Water comes in empty wine bottles and I don’t know why, but I just love that.

Details: With the reconfiguration of Laurier and construction in the neighbourhood, I’d recommend taking the bus or metro. If the weather is nice and you don’t mind walking, plenty of free spots to be had. Worse comes to worst– the dreaded parking meter.

Just go.


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