If you haven’t been able to catch a glimpse of the stunning mural projects popping up around St. Laurent, now might be a good time to do so.

Today marks the beginning of the Mural Festival, a public art festival that celebrates creativity and urban art with the help of 35 local and international artists. In addition, the festivities are taken from the streets during the day to the bars at night, where expressive celebrations can continue.

The festival runs until this Sunday, on which– in collaboration with MuralMTL ZOO and Elementality will be hosting an art exhibition, showcasing the works of some of MTL’s most talented street artists.

Following the vernissage are performances by Heart Streets, Made of Stars (M.O.S.) and Clay & Friends, three funky Montreal-based groups that each bring something different to the table.

Heart Streets


Story has it that Gabrielle Godon and Emma Beko first met at the age of nine and have centred their lives around music ever since. With their long-withstanding knowledge and dedication to hip-hop and rap culture, their encounter with Nathan Balaga and Andre Milton led the four individuals to bringing together their different flares to make a whole, which soon enough became Heart Streets.

Since then, the group has a garnered a sizeable fan-base that extends to way beyond the city of Montreal. Their song, “Keep it Together, was broadcasted on the French radio station Nova Radio in April, and they have been reaching out to their fans in Ottawa as well. When recalling their first show at Bistro de Paris, Heart Streets explains, “Though we released our first EP [Beats, Blunts & Broads] a week before performing, the place was crowded. People could not get in anymore. That’s when we realized something was happening.”

Now having performed for POP Montreal and M for Montreal, while also opening for Radio Radio at the Metropolis and Bran Van 3000 at l’Olympia, I’m sure the crowds will only continue to grow in numbers. Come check it out and see for yourself.

Made of Stars


Made of Stars (M.O.S.), composed of producers J. Torres, Positive and Truwayz, is a Montreal blend rooting from various genres, harmonizing their electro, trap, house and hip-hop influences. They recently released a new electro, hip-hop track called “Light Speed“, making it the first single to be dropped off their soon-to-be-launched EP, MOS.

M.O.S. has announced they’ll release their EP on June 16th at their performance at Divan Orange during the closing MTL ZOO showcase. When discussing the importance of their anticipated EP, producer Positive says, “The MOS EP is the symbol of our unity. We are three producers but our music is one.” Make sure to hit up the show to be the first to hear Made of Stars‘ their highly-anticipated new tracks.

Clay and Friends


And last but certainly not least, Clay and Friends will be performing on Sunday alongside Heart Streets and Made of Stars. This musical collective intermingles acoustic guitar, vocals and beat-boxing with hip-hop and reggae beats to produce some of the funkiest and soulful tunes you’ll ever hear. On May 17th, they dropped their latest EP, A Quest Called Jam– a six-track album made up of good vibrations and groovy melodies. Clay’s rhymes are quick, witty and well-composed and are complemented ever-so-perfectly by Samish’s guitar rhythm and Aydell’s unprecedented beat-boxing. If you’re looking for a good time with some good beats, look no further than Clay and Friends.

Tickets are on sale for $10 at SubV (5666 Sherbrooke O.)

Check out the Facebook event for more info.