At the end of McGill Ave. in Old Montreal, where the southbound street ends and converges into a bike path, two converted shipping containers are angled perpendicularly to each other in a space overlooking the mouth of the Lachine Canal. Let’s get one thing straight– these ain’t your regular steel-framed boxes… they’ve been painted, redesigned, and made to look sexy in one of Montreal’s trendiest neighbourhoods. One of those containers happens to be Porchetta, the curly-tailed kid brother of the more well-known red-skinned pincer, MuvBox.

With the original intention of grabbing some lobster rolls, we steered ourselves towards Porchetta as a result of the size of the omnipresent and overzealous lunch crowd. We’re glad it happened, too, as Porchetta served up one hell of a sandwich at high noon on a scorching hot summer’s day. The pork is shredded and crisped to a T, before being smothered in garlic aioli mayonnaise (you get a choice of 1 out of 3 sauces, but have faith in the aioli), topped with arugula and squished between a freshly-baked ciabatta bun. The sandwich is then wrapped in Italian newsprint and served in a cardboard box, giving it a fish-and-chips style feel, but with a little more “Ayyyyyy.”

The large pork sandwich only sets you back $8.50, and with free outdoor seating and plenty of space to people-watch, it’s a great place to check out over the next few months. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a rotating schedule like the food trucks– the tandem pop-up spots are open every day until October, from 11:30 am to 9:00 pm. You can check out both menus here or visit the MuvBox Facebook page for more info.


Porchetta / 514.285.0747 / Quai des Écluses, Old Port of  Montreal

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