Il Focolaio The Main MTL
As a pizza enthusiast and lover of all foods cheesy and European, I knew my next destination was Il Focolaio, an authentic Italian pizzeria that offers thin crust pizza and a nice terrace to bask in the sun on warm days. With its name denoting “fireplace” in Italian, they live up to their name by cooking their pizzas in a maplewood oven that’s reminiscent of the European culture.

Situated in the heart of downtown right across Philip Square, Il Focolaio has a startling array of 75 different types of pizzas and caters to everyone’s needs by having coded letters of A to E next to each pizza on the menu to distinguish the different toppings available for each one. They have seafood, cheese, meat, vegetables and even tofu!

I won’t lie, I was pretty overwhelmed at first, and with my indecisive tendencies, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with a classic Margherita style pizza. Within 10 minutes of placing my order, I received my delectable plate-sized pizza. Nibbling on my first slice, I knew it was love at first bite. The pizza contained a mere three ingredients of tomato sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil, yet managed to have an overwhelmingly flavourful taste.

Il Focolaio The Main MTL

The crust was soft yet slightly crispy, the cheese mouthwatering and the sauce subtle, but sweet. I even had a slice of my friend’s Arugula pizza that looked like something a herbivore would eat. Much to my surprise, it was bursting with flavour. Who would’ve thought a leafy pizza would be so damn tasty?

For a plate-sized pizza, you pay roughly around $14. It’s a tad more pricy if your pizza has more toppings, but otherwise you definitely get your money’s worth. Ultimately, it goes without saying that Il Focolaio is the pizzeria to be at this summer. It has all the components of what constitutes a delectable pizza: fresh high quality ingredients, flavourful taste and a crust that’s literally cooked to perfection. Not to mention, it’s the perfect spot for a dinner and movie night!

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Il Focolaio The Main MTL

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By Andrea A.