I was a little late on getting onto the food truck bandwagon, but as soon as I got a taste for it, I couldn’t stop myself from going back again and again. After tantalizing my taste-buds with an array of street food, one truck stood out amongst the rest. And that my friends, is Le Cheese.

If you attended the JFL festival last week, you’d know that all the trucks had congregated in the same place, which was like a foodie haven– well, it was for me at least. I was legitimately more excited than a kid in a candy store. Pretty sure I did a happy dance upon arriving. Quite a few people were raving about Le Cheese, so it went shooting to the top of our food truck list. Besides, how could we ever resist the sexiness that is cheese?!
 photo 1
Guys, the food, was amazing. We got the Philly cheese steak, tater tots, the sandwich of the day AND 1/4 lb mac & cheese all for $25. There have been a bunch of complaints swirling around about the high price tag of the food truck goodies, however this was a fairly priced meal and well worth the money.
 photo 4
‘Le Philly’ was out of this fucking world. Everything in that sandwich was magically delicious.  $9.00
 photo 2
When we inquired about the mac & cheese, the employee explained that it was a special recipe incorporating cauliflower and that it was a must-try. Well, I couldn’t argue with him because it was the fucking bomb. I wish I’d gotten a bigger one. $4.50
photo 3
The  sandwich of the day wasn’t anything to hoot and rave about, but it was still extremely flavourful. The tomatoes were a great addition to cut all the saltiness in the sandwich and I thoroughly enjoyed it. $7.75 
 photo 5
These bite size tater tots were fucking awesome. I’m almost certain they’re made with sweet potatoes and cheese, but that’s just my foodie hypothesis. Fucking delicious nonetheless. $3.50
The buzz around town is how the food trucks are a bit of a let down and are losing their novelty. Well I say fuck you and go and try Le Cheese because I promise you will not be disappointed with this big yellow truck of cheesy goodness! Oh, did I mention how fucking friendly the staff was? What a great group of guys! You really got to check them out. 

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