Tucked at the corner between De Maisonneuve and Lambert-Closse is an oasis for drunken, starving students searching for any kind of food at any time of day.

If you haven’t heard of Moe’s, odds are you either don’t go out near the forum, or you were too wasted to remember the name of that delicious greasy spoon your buddy dragged you to at 3am. Not only is Moe’s open 24hr, but anything from the menu (including breakfast) is available all day, every day.


Their menu is comprised of milkshakes– highly recommend them– eggs, French toast, pancakes, gyros, club sandwiches, etc… Moe’s has the options most diners have, but most diners don’t have their hours. The place itself is small, dingy, a little grimy, and accompanied by broken jukeboxes, which they don’t seem eager to fix. The prices aren’t particularly cheap, but not expensive either. Portions are fairly large, so a full meal lies in the range of $15-$20.

As for the quality of the food, it’s generally above average across the board (except the poutine). However, the sheer fact that it’s open whenever you want adds a lot to its appeal and, besides the poutine, order whatever your semi-aware heart desires. I can guarantee that, if sober, you’ll enjoy it, or, if you’re intoxicated, it’ll be the best freakin’ (insert your order here) you’ve ever had!


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