Last week, I took a stroll along St. Catherine with my girlfriend Luna and we met some awesome locals and visitors. To be fair, she spotted most of them. She has a knack for noticing special things.

The tourists were surprised I asked to take their pictures, but I think they’re contributing to the vibe of Montreal in their own way. They’re reinforcing the ever-present diversity of our city, as well as its status as a fantastic destination.



This is Florent.


This is Luke.

Me: Where are you from?

Luke: Alberta.

Me: What are you doing in Montreal?

Luke: Just skateboarding.


I didn’t have a chance to ask for this guy’s name because he seemed so mesmerized by his music.


This is Nancy from Beijing. After I took her picture, she asked me to pose for a selfie with her! It was fun to trade roles.


This is Diana: “I’m only 17. I’m from Moscow, but I’m finishing my last year of high school here.”


 Camille and Emma: The Ombré Girls



These are some members of the International Scouts! They tried to be serious for the picture until I asked for a goofy shot. The diversity of their crew really represents Montreal.


Jón from Iceland, Melissa from Vancouver, Jacob from Sweden, Majd and Walid from Lebanon.