This is possibly my favourite collection of Les Montréalais photos to date. These people are from all over the city (and beyond) and are pursuing incredibly varied dreams. My favourite part of this project is the opportunity to speak to random people on the street about their passions in life. The thrill of approaching someone who looks interesting, gently persuading them to open up, and listening to their story has not diminished at all since I started.


Meet Eden. I spotted her on Monkland Avenue in NDG and soon learned that she is a fellow photographer and dancer. Suffice it to say, we had plenty to talk about. Both of us attended performing arts high schools and are striving to upgrade our photography hobbies to more serious levels.

She currently attends L’École supérieure de ballet du Québec and when she isn’t rehearsing, she is practicing taking pictures. She is half Eritrean and half Canadian. What an impressive young woman and peer. Check out her Flickr!


Eden standing outside her childhood apartment building, where she still lives.


While browsing in Archambault, my girlfriend Luna noticed Anna, pictured above, in the guitar section. She presumed Anna was with Etienne, because of their cool matching hats.


I approached her to ask to take her photo and then talked with both of them about their two-person band, Les Deuxluxes (clever band name, eh?). Both are very talented musicians who play a plethora of instruments. They have some acoustic shows coming up, and you should definitely check them out.



Me: What do you do?

Florence: I’m a squeegee.

Florence and I had a great conversation near Chinatown. She told me about the series of media appearances she and her brother have made in the last few weeks– a TV news interview here, a photograph there. “It’s almost like we’re famous!” she said. She had freshly dyed her hair a vibrant green. The squeegees are a distinct part of Montreal and it’s about time I featured one.


Anna is an academic on the rise. She is currently in graduate school at the University of Minnesota, and was visiting Montreal to network and visit her boyfriend. When I told her about the project, she said it was fitting that I thought she represented Montreal, even though she’s originally from Russia.

“There are only two places in the world where I have stepped off the plane and thought, ‘This is really it.’ The first place is San Francisco, and the second place is Montreal.”