Specializing in delectable croissants, Fous Desserts had several options to choose from. After scanning the menu, we knew we couldn’t go wrong with the trio, which included a drink and dessert.

We opted for the club “BFT”, which featured bacon, swiss cheese, tomatoes and seasoned mayo in a soft and flakey croissant, along with jasmine tea, infused with fresh quality herbs. For dessert, we ordered the “orange zest” pastry, as well as the chocolate brownie.

After the first bite, it was clear the croissant lived up to the hype– with a soft and flaky texture, it was naturally flavourful and instantly melded with the freshness of the tomato and swiss cheese. The subtle sweetness from the jasmine tea complemented the delectable taste of the BFT.


In terms of desserts, the brownie had a fresh and homemade quality to it– dry on the outside, but on the inside, full of creamy chocolatey goodness. The orange zest cookie lived up to its name and was a tangy treat. With high quality taste and fresh ingredients, Fous didn’t fail to impress.

The only downside to this overall delectable meal was the price. For two trios, it came out to around 28 dollars, which is overpriced for such a lightweight meal. Despite this, I still highly suggest grabbing a flavourful croissant for an awesome afternoon delight!



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