It seems there aren’t many people who know of great restaurants in the West Island, but boy do we have a fabulous one for you. If you’re someone who fancies BYOW restaurants and extremely fresh ingredients, you’re gonna wanna check out Vivaldi.

Like any authentic Italian restaurant, the menu is plentiful in options. This place is great if you’re looking for a nice meal with a group of friends or just a romantic evening with your sexy significant other. Check out what we ordered on our recent trip:

We skipped out on appetizers, but rest assured– they are absolutely delicious. Try the Fried Squid ($13.95) or Garlic Snails ($9.95 for 12).

Octopus is not an easy sea creature to cook, and takes the right amount of timing and attention or you can fuck the whole thing up and it will taste like you’re chewing on a condom. Well, Vivaldi definitely tends to their fish lovingly, because it was absolutely perfect. No condom tastes here.

photo 1

Charbroiled Octopus Plate – Mixed with onions and capers – served with potatoes and fresh veggies – $21.95

This was actually our first time trying anything off their chicken menu. Holy fucking smokes, that sauce was amazeballs.

photo 2

Chicken De La Casa – garlic, Dijon mustard, sun-dried tomatoes, shallots, white wine, cream – served with rice and fresh veggies – $18.95

Last but not least, here’s the decadent shrimp dish. I swear, I could make love to their shrimps, they’re that good. And the Sambuca sauce wasn’t too sweet, it balanced out really nicely with the sun-dried tomatoes.

photo 3

Gamberi all’ sambucca – jumbo shrimps with sundried tomatoes, garlic and cream sambucca – $26.95

Another item off their menu that I must give a shout out to, is the Verdura & Capra pizza, which is a grilled vegetable pizza with goat cheese ($13.95). And it’s not JUST goat cheese, oh no… they make a fucking cheesy pizza and put that goat cheese on top like a BOSS.

So the next time you’re in the West Island, or if you’re trapped there like I am, Vivaldi is a great dinner destination. Don’t forget to bring your own wine, you fucking alcoholics!

You can find Vivaldi on Facebook and Twitter.

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