Uniburger Burger Week Montreal

Finally… finally we can insist there’s a true “fast-food” burger in Montreal, one that secretes grease and drips down your chin and the back of your hand with every bite. No longer do we have to head down to In-n-Out (Calif.) or Shake Shack (NYC), but rather to a little hole in the wall at 302 Ontario Est.

While opening up in the former La Paryse– a legendary burger joint in the Quartier Latin– definitely took balls, Uniburger has come in and given us some of that west coast flavour we’d been missing all along.

Their special for Burger Week is nothing fancy– in fact, they’ve only added bacon and a second patty to their traditional burger. Still, we give them credit for staying true to their unique style for the competition. Their griddle-cooked patties were juicy, savoury, and truly fucking delicious. (We’d love to know where they get their ground chuck.)

Uniburger Burger Week Montreal

The rest of the condiments– lettuce, tomato and Uniburger sauce– were placed underneath the meat, and arguably only there to soak up some of that extra grease. Either way, no complaints here. The fries were also good, but fairly standard overall. Extra points for the retro diner look, the soda fountain, and their milkshakes made with Bilboquet ice cream… you can bet we’ll be back for one of those.

There’s no doubt Uniburger– Burger Week champion or not– serves up one of the better fast food burgers this side of the Canadian-American border. And for a very reasonable price, no less. Whether you’re nursing a hungover or just plain starving, do yourself a favour and take a big bite out of this good old fashioned burger. You’ll thank us for it later.

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Uniburger Burger Week Montreal

Uniburger Burger Week Montreal

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