With a vast round-up of contenders to choose from for Montreal’s Le Burger Week, we decided to check out a novel restaurant that would transcend our dining experience.

L’Auberge de Dragon Rouge is their name, and the Middle Ages is their game. Graced by the presence of a gargoyle, this medieval-style restaurant transported us back to the Middle Ages when dark chambers, torches, and moose heads adorning the walls was the craze.



Dressed in accordance with the Medieval vibe, an upbeat and whimsical waitress served us the “Gargantua Wafer”, a.k.a carnivore heaven, which featured chopped wild boar meatball, italian sausage and beef, all mashed up into an authentic burger. It was also dressed with stewed cherry tomatoes, as well as cheddar cheese, succulent bacon and caramelized onions condensed into a portuguese-style bun.


The verdict: Our skeptical feelings towards this medieval-inspired dish were superseded by delight. The 3-meat combo provided a meatiness that wasn’t too overpowering, but rather complementary to the sweet flavour of the tomatoes and bacon. The meal was so damn tasty, that we could’ve gone without the caramelized onions.

Along with the burger, we ordered a side dish of cinnamon flavoured spicy fries, which had the components of sugar, spice and everything nice. These signature fries weren’t your usual greasy dish, but rather, generously thick and crisp, with a homemade quality to them.

If you want to enjoy a hearty burger in an entertaining atmosphere that resembles a Game of Thrones episode, Dragon Rouge is the place to be.


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