A neighbourhood butcher is a great thing to find. Somewhere close-by where one can get great quality meat cut to their specifications. A few months ago, I found such a place– even though it stretches the boundaries of my neighbourhood just a little.

The fine folks behind Lawrence opened up a butcher shop in Mile-End just a few doors down from their wonderful restaurant this past summer, and it has been an absolute joy to check out ever since. Boucherie Lawrence prides itself on providing locally-sourced, “respectfully raised” quality meat, as well as other products from local independent producers. A counter lined with house-made sausages, smoked bacon, hamburger patties and other items is at the ready… but if that’s not enough to satisfy you, a meat locker offers plenty to work with. Just ask the very helpful staff for any guidance you may need, and they’ll cut what you want right in front of you. They’re also great with suggestions. Truth be told, they haven’t yet led me astray.


Outside of the great products you can bring home, Boucherie Lawrence also offers wonderful sandwiches. While I should probably try the many other varieties available, I can’t help but always get the Porchetta– wonderfully fatty and salty meat with some lettuce, mustard, mini-pickles, all stuffed in a fresh artisan loaf. Get dinner and grab lunch at the same time.


The folks at Lawrence definitely have a great thing going here– local produce, great quality and a knowledgable staff. Now, if only they were actually next door…


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