A good café must have more than just good coffee. This is especially true if you hate coffee… as I do. (Feel free to rip on me later). I frequently pass through St. Henri and finally took the time to visit Campanelli, a café that has me going back despite never having sipped a cup of coffee.



The thing that keeps me going back is the great selection of made-to-order sandwiches. Be it a house-made meatball sub with provolone and parmesan, or a prosciutto, bocconcini, sliced apple, marinated eggplant and honey mustard sandwich, you are sure to find one either warm or cold to enjoy. Their great use of fresh ingredients adds to the delicious textures and flavours. Though I’ve only tried two sandwiches, they won’t be the last– that’s for sure.



That isn’t all they have, though– there’s usually a soup of the day. on my last visit, I got to try the white bean and sausage soup which, while not the most aesthetically appetizing, was very tasty. A very hearty soup with great depth of flavours.


They also have a great variety of fresh baked goods– muffins, brownies, and even carrot cake.


Campanelli is not the biggest space, surely not one where you can really lounge about to get work done. It’s more of the “quick lunch or sit back and enjoy a chat and/or the game” type of café. It’s the kind of place you wish you had around your office for lunch, so be thankful St. Henri residents. For the rest of us, at least they do “to-go” very quickly.



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Written by Michael Pilon, ramblingsfromthecomplexmind