A walk down St. Laurent can often result in some exciting discoveries, especially at an establishment with thirteen years and counting on the Main. The Freitag Concept boutique is a must-see if you’re searching for high-quality jewelry with a contemporary edge.



Life is too short to commit to that awful green stain that appears on your finger every time you wear cheap jewelry made of questionable materials. Thankfully, that issue can easily be resolved, since carrying quality genuine materials is the leading factor that inspires store owner and designer, Sonia Escriva. Her large selection of local designers, including Flora Ciccarelli, Red Sofa and Missy Industry, is displayed among the exclusive in-house Freitag brand, made mostly of sterling silver or brushed silver with a few plated gold pieces to please the “goût du moment”.



Just like the store, her brand is a window into her eloquent world. Through the many visual displays, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing a mix of everything, from smooth geometrical pieces to variably ethnic-influenced treasures. Freitag carries many unique pieces for men and women in a wide range of prices. This means you can find the perfect small silver earring for as little as 15$ or the conversation-starter necklace you’ve always wanted for 100$. It’s no surprise that the boutique appeals to young professionals from the Plateau who have been committed customers of Sonia’s creations for years.



Freitag is giving away one pair of sterling silver earrings!

Enter To Win

Contest ends WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23. Visit the beautiful St. Laurent boutique and get great advice from Sonia herself !


Address: 3762 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2W 1X6

Phone: (514) 845-1788


Article and Photos by Giuliana Contavalli