What a great way to kick-off the first weekend of Igloofest 2014 here in Montreal. Those who trekked to the Vieux-Port this past Saturday know exactly what we’re talking about. Some may say the great festival experience was due to the milder-than-usual winter air, others, the vibrant crowd, but one thing everyone can agree on is that the plethora of musical acts made the night.

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The night started out with outfits like fellow Canadian Phil Sparkz on the Scene Videotron stage, who pumped out hip-hop infused beats, and DJ Phil Fiction, who prepped the Sapporo Stage for a night filled with dance, techno, and bass music. Breach, the alter ego of Ben Westbeech, confidently took the stage and immediately laid down some serious tracks, setting the tone for the rest of his time in front of the crowd. Playing mostly techno music, Breach remained consistently on-point, hyping spectators up with the anthem ,“Jack”, and bringing them back down with soul-inspired tunes. The tempo seemed to range anywhere from something characteristic of drum and bass to a mellowed out future garage vibe. Talk about variety.


Nearing the end of Westbeech’s set, Skream was spotted discretely prepping on the Sapporo Stage. And with that, the crowd instantly reacted. Longtime fans, relatively new fans, and those in the audience who weren’t familiar with Skream were greeted by his newest remix of The Smiths’ “This Charming Man”. The downtempo and emotional start caught many by surprise, but definitely had all the Smiths fans screaming, “Will nature make a man of me yet?”


Skream’s highly anticipated set was musically diverse, offering multiple changes of pace to suit the crowd’s needs. His emphasis on disco, house, and techno might have disappointed longtime fans, as many were hoping for more of a flashback to his bass-heavy roots. Instead, Skream tastefully paid tribute to his past in dubstep by incorporating “Charge” and “Midnight Request Line” within his set, but left out gems like “Rutten” and “Dutch Flowers”. Skream made fans of dubstep also fans of disco, if only for one night.


Overall, Saturday night proved that one night of Igloofest isn’t sufficient for any music fan. It seems inevitable that you’ll be coming back for more. Our advice? Let it happen.

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[ Photos by Michael Gannon, All right reserved ]