The Felino cB7

The FELINO corporation has been involved in motorsports for about ten years. In 2010, it committed to developing a concept car, building it from the ground up and offering a true high-performance two-seater sports car. While the cB7 is purpose built for the track, it will possibly be street legal. The FELINO cB7 is primarily designed for the international market; however, a limited series will be available in Canada.

FELINO took four years to develop and build the concept cars which were unveiled at the 2014 Montreal International Auto Show. Although there are still a few details to iron out, FELINO now has the capacity to produce more composite and carbon fibre bodies and store a comprehensive parts inventory for this high-performance sports car. FELINO will now phase in pre-production models and will take them to the track and the street in 2014.

Entry level price: Under $100,000