Get ready for this year’s Nuit Blanche! There are so many cultural events happening this year in celebration of Montreal en Lumière’s 15th anniversary. Here’s what to see.

To satisfy your artistic appetites, The Main has designed a little guide to make sure you don’t miss some of the best activities for this year’s Nuit Blanche.

© Anna Run Tryggvadottir

© Anna Run Tryggvadottir

12:00 PM: Begin your cultural journey around noon with an immersive installation at the exhibition Render & React : Approach to a subconscious sensory system. Icelandic artist Anna Rún Tryggvadottir will transform the MAI (Montréal, Art Interculturels) gallery into a breathing forest of colored liquids. The event is free, includes hot drinks and finishes at midnight. (Metro Place-des-Arts)

4:00 PM: For those who want to be swept away, reserve your seat at the Dièse Onze Jazz bar for 4 p.m. For the modest price of five dollars, you will be able to enjoy ten hours of poetry and short stories from around the world. (Metro Mont-Royal)

5:00 PM: You can also have the chance to see, for free, the product of a collaboration between the Musée of Fine Arts and the Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal for the exhibition 1+1 =1. This unique exchange will showcase a collection of the most remarkable contemporary art pieces assembled by the two institutions. (Metro Guy-Concordia)


6:00 PM: Get involved and help protect the boreal forest by putting your name on Serge Belo’s Guardian Tree at the Belgo-Lilian Rodriguez Gallery in Montreal. His latest creation is a tree that grows with every signature it receives and symbolizes the artist’s involvement with the Greenpeace movement to protect the northern forests. (Metro Place-des-Arts)

7:00 PM: The journey continues to cinephilic grounds with Concordia’s film students presenting a Nuit Blanche event for the first time, Crystalline – The Cinematic and The Hand Made. Celebrating hand-crafted cinema, the students have prepared live performances, outdoor snow projections, 16 mm loop animation installations and more interactive films. The screenings go from 6 p.m. to 12 p.m. at the FOFA Gallery, 1515 St. Catherine. (Metro Guy-Concordia)

8:00 PM: Now if you want to get your hands dirty and discover the artist resting within you, why not participate in a collective mural? Guided by artists Cyril Doisneau and Siris, it centers around the theme “coloured drawings.” You can paint or show your sweet dance moves to the rhythm of the music played by DJs Archibald Singleton and Antoine Leblanc-Michel. The event is free and goes from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the Museum of Fine Arts. (Metro Guy-Concordia)

9:00 PM: At this point, you’ll probably want to shake off the cold a little. Swing to the Jive and Boogie for only $2 at Space 200 on Saint Laurent blvd. from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Rockabilly and swing classes will be available every hour. (Metro Mont-Royal)

10:00 PM: If you’re the kind of person who enjoys destroying things, this is for you. Theatre Ste. Catherine is hosting a demolition party with Studio Beluga and Le Nouveau International. This participatory installation, directed by artist Maxime Geraldes, celebrates the ephemeral nature of art and invites the public to collectively work on on an art piece that they can later all destroy. The space will be decorated with light works and suspended objects, music will be provided by DJ Tignasse with 2LIP$ and drinks will be available all night, from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m.  (Metro Berri-Uqam)

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12:00 AM: The end is never the end. To top your amazing day, MUTEK Festival invites you to celebrate its crystal anniversary, launching the lead-up to its 15th edition. With 15 hours of performance, the festival will host some of the best DJs (Nico Cé, LL, Thomas Cade, Blue Hawaii…), offering a wide repertoire of genres –  from experimental to minimal house and obscure techno. The evening will take place at the Coeur des sciences at UQAM (175, President Kennedy ave.) from 7 p.m. to 10 a.m. and is entirely free! (Metro Place-des-Arts)