It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s time to stay indoors.

Fortunately, you can stay cozy at any one of the many Montreal indie theatres; the city hosts a number of awesome independent theatres and a rich film culture. Here are a few theatres that offer a wide range of styles and experiences to help you get your movie fix. Plus, they’ve got cheap Tuesday deals AND the snacks are usually cheaper. On y va!


Cinema Du Parc – 3575 Parc Ave

Cinema Du Parc provides viewers with a pleasant and affordable movie experience. The cinema is known for screening the old classics along with festival films and documentaries. It is also known for screening “the best of” series, featuring directors such as Woody Allen and Stanley Kubrick. On March 21st, the theatre began showing a selection of Wes Anderson films, in preparation for his up and coming film The Grand Budapest Hotel (2013). Cinema Du Parc offers “youth” rates with proof of age and provides a great selection of movie snacks that are reasonably priced. The space is cozy with comfy seating with a retro feel. For more information about the Wes Anderson screenings be sure to check out their website.


 Cinema Excentris – 3536 Saint Laurent Boulevard

Cinema Excentris presents and promotes independent films, offering an alternative to Montreal’s network of commercial theaters. The works presented are fresh, visionary, and daring. Cinema Excentris is one of few cinemas screening the recently-reviewed film Nymphomaniac, so be sure to get your tickets and check it out. A grand theatre with the comfiest seats in town, Cinema Excentris offers moviegoers a luxurious experience. This theatre would be a great date spot, as you can get coffee and pastries before or after the movie. For more listings and movie times, be sure to check out the Cinema’s website.



Cinema Beaubien – 2396 Rue Beaubien

A great theatre for all the French foreign film lovers, Cinema Beaubien offers viewers a great selection of independent titles. The theatre is a non-profit organization that explicitly recognizes the social dimension of the economy. It is known as a place of innovation and community. Cinema Beaubien is currently screening Quai d’Orsay (2013), which was first presented at TIFF. Be sure to check the website for more details.


Dollar Cinema – 6900 Decarie Square

Dollar Cinema provides a less expensive movie-going experience. With admission priced at $2.50 and all snacks at $1.00, they offer movie goes affordable entertainment. Dollar Cinema also has an intimate and cozy “VIP Room,” whatever that may mean. The theatre offers a selection of films that is slightly behind what would currently be playing at AMC, along with a few oldies. Dollar Cinema is currently screening Freaks (1932), an American Pre-Code horror film about sideshow performers, directed and produced by Tod Browning. It’s a classic worth checking out. For more information check out their website.