We’re all for running; its cheap, its healthy, and when you get past thinking you’re going to pass out and die, it can actually be fun. Since the snow is pretty much gone, we thought it was due time to dust off the ol’ nikes, but we were at a loss as to where to go. As city dwellers, we know it takes a little work to find a nice running route without a lot of jogging in place at stop signs. Since we figured you’d need to save the energy for the run, we’ve planned out a few routes for you.

1. Mount Royal

IMG_1004For your best work-out on Mount Royal, start at the top of Mont Royal and Park to work your way around the mountain. Though this path is a little on the hilly side we promise that you’ll have a butt like Beyoncé by the end. If you’re not afraid of ghosts and can work your way around to the back of the mountain, there is a beautiful path through the cemetery that’s to die for.  See what we did there?


2. Lachine Canal

IMG_1129For the hardcore marathoners who need a long and flat road run, this is your best bet. The Lachine Canal starts at the Atwater Market and goes for a good 12 miles. We can’t say we’ve done the whole thing, but if you find someone who has, give them a pat on the back for us.


3. Park Lafontaine

IMG_1050Park Lafontaine is like the Central Park of Montreal except with fewer horse drawn carriages and more hippes with hacky sacks. If you do a loop of the perimeter it should be around 3.4 miles stretching from Rachel to Sherbrooke.


4. Old Port

IMG_1187The popularity of the location should alert you as to how beautiful the Old Port running path is. Start at place Jacques Cartier and meander down to the Promenade du Vieux-Port. The promenade can start to get a little hectic when the sun is shining and the tourists are out in full force, so hit this one up in the morning or after work.


So now you have no excuse; lace up those sneakers and get running!

What’s your favourite Montreal running path? Let us know!