Other than perhaps Place Émile-Gamelin, the 24th Montreal Fringe Festival, from June 2nd to 22nd, is the best place to see people being as bizarre as their heart desires. Nothing is subject to censorship. There are no judges. No reasons not to be as weird as you want. Performance vary between endless combinations and hybrids of burlesque, improv, sketch, standup, dance, puppetry, and of course, theatre. There are English shows for the Anglos, French spéctacles for the Francos, and even bilingual shows for Allophones.

Fringe Festivals exist all over the world. So it’s no surprise that Montreal, a world-class festival city, has a world-class fringe festival of its own. Browsing the list of events, it’s obvious that every single performance is worth your attention. But in the interest of not having a time machine, here are some of the shows that we’re most excited about:

“Watch Out Wildkat!” A Western-Comedy which its creators, Sex T-Rex, describe as: “Guaranteed to have THE most cowboy hats per capita of any show you see this year.”

“God is a Scottish Drag Queen II: An All New Testament” The one-man show by Mike Delamont, in which he plays everyone’s favorite deity–God, ranting and raving about the pop culture in which we are forcefully submerged.

“Last Metro: The Musical” A musical one-act set in the place where people are less likely than anywhere else to break into song and dance.

“Cherry Typhoon and Her Burlesque Ninja” Japanese burlesque. With ninjas. Do you really need to know anything else?

“Living Your Dreams” Local stand-up comic Stephen Spinola tells you why you need to start living your dreams. For the motivated and unmotivated alike.

“Roller Derby Saved My Soul” In this one-woman show, a shy, comic book geek becomes a roller derby superhero. Comedy, action, adventure–heads will roll.

“IMO” Jess Saloman gives her take on politics, kale, language and sex. Her show is 18+, but she says, if you bring a baby, and it’s cute, she will kiss it.