The Mural Festival is coming soon and the city is buzzing with excitement. However, the festival itself raises questions about what street art means to the city, its people, and its artists. Over the past few years street art and graffiti have traced a move from illegal act by anonymous rebels to a mainstream art form as it begins to inhabit galleries, museums and public spaces. An economy has rapidly sprung up around street art and graffiti, and though commercialization provides artists with much needed income, it may change the face of what has traditionally been a subversive medium.

To discuss these issues, the Fresh Paint Gallery is hosting a conference this Monday, May 5, from 6-8pm on the commercialization of street art and graffiti. The panelists include two talented and experienced artists Fluke and VILX, who will provide insight into this complex debate and discuss problems and solutions for the future.


Featured photo by Tau Zero.