The Indie Coffee Passport is back, and it’s still too good to be true. For 25 dollars you can grab a coffee from 26 different independent coffee shops between May 1st and November 30th. And if you’re already excited hold on to your hats because this isn’t just any coffee, we’re talking Kitsune, Arts Café, Dispatch, and Chez Borris, just to name a few. This is the real deal folks.

We sat down with Adrienne, one of the creators of the passport, to figure out just how they make this godsend happen and we quickly discovered their secret is pretty simple. They’ve combined independent coffee shops, passionate people, a price you can’t beat, and thrown in some really great drinks to top it off. If that doesn’t sound like a recipe for a miracle I don’t know what does. For the second year in a row, Indie coffee passport is cooking up the good stuff and letting us reap the benefits.

Montreal ICP Coffee Shops

The Main: How did the Indie Coffee Passport get started?

Adrienne: My business partner, Richard, and I really loved good coffee and the vibe of an independent cafe. Every time we met for coffee, we would pick a new cafe, and make it a destination. It’s such a special and magical feeling, and we really wanted to encourage the masses to do the same. That’s how the idea of ICP came about.

Main: ICP started in Toronto, why was Montreal the next step?

Adrienne: It was actually quite serendipitous. Boris Volfson, from Chez Boris, sent us an email about how he found out about Toronto’s ICP while visiting friends in Toronto, and how we really should consider bringing ICP to Montreal. A year later, we decided to take an exploratory trip to Montreal to chat with cafe owners about what they thought. The response was fantastic, so we knew we had to give it a try!

The Main: ICP seems to be a labor of love for coffee; can you tell me a little about why you support independent coffee roasters, and the ICP ethos?

Adrienne: Owners of independent cafes do what they do because they have a love and passion for what they are doing. When there is love and passion, there is quality and uniqueness. Behind every independent coffee shop, there is a story, and that’s what makes it magical. Our goal is to encourage the general public to try out amazing independent cafes and to realize that there are fantastic places other than corporate chains. When there is a corporate chain, the focus is more on making money and less on quality and uniqueness.

The Main: How did you choose the Café’s participating this year?

Adrienne: Every year, we invite all the independent cafes with a cool vibe and a great coffee to join the Passport. The participating cafes this year are the ones that said yes!

The Indie Coffee Passport is available online and at some participating cafes.