This weekend at the Fringe Park promises to be full of fun and plenty of fringe goodness.

Parc des Ameriques (at the corner of St Laurent and Rachel) has been hosting a number of events in its makeshift enclave since the beginning of the festival and the festivities are still going strong. Check out our (almost) full line-up for this weekend and look forward to a little Fringe awesomeness, en plein air.

Dr. Sketchy:

This “sexy and unconventional live drawing workshop” will provide lessons and models for your sketching pleasure this evening at 6:00 pm. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just a beginner, this event promises to be buckets of fun and a little bit sketchy. For a better look into what it is they do check out some photos on their Facebook page.

Live Painting:


Tonight continues to be an artful evening, with a Live Painting performance by the interdisciplinary, European artist Laura Mesones. She emphasizes “involving the audience in an intense experience.” Starts at 9:00 pm. Check out some of her art on her WordPress page.

Thursday Night Tunes:

Thursday night will be an evening of music. Starting at 5 pm, acts will include everything from ukulele to folk to baroque pop.

Friday Night Jams:

More music on Friday night features everything from female rapping and tapping to roots music to moody beats.

Crazy Saturday:

Saturday will have some great stuff to check out for sure: drag queens, Quebec post-pop, face-melting, and lo-fi electronic.

Sunday Funday:

So much fun with even more good music.

The Fringe festival will be going on till June 22nd. Look forward to some more updates soon!