Beginning with the massive success of People’s Pops in NYC, artisanal popsicles have become all the rage this summer. Natural and healthy, they are refreshing on a summer scorcher.  If you live in or frequent St. Henri, you have probably seen Pops Art’s icecicle tricycle roaming the park and noticed their info written in chalk on multiple sidewalks.  

Different than the usual St-Henri exposed brick and mason jar decor, Pops Art has a massive front garden terrace with picnic tables lathered in vibrant colours so you can enjoy your popsicles outside.

IMG_0460 (1)Pops Art offer three kinds of handcrafted pops.

Not so classic “classics”: Made with fresh fruit, yogurt and natural sugar these pops are tarty and sweet and feature flavours like citrus fruit, pineapple cinnamon and raspberry lychee.
Bold flavors: Unique ingredients that appear way too farfetched a combination to be good, yet intriguing enough that you will soon find yourself trying them all. Favorites include carrot cake, avocado coco coffee and avocado lime coriander.
Personalized: For those of you who want 40 or more Pops (and to be the MVP at your next pot luck) you can get whatever flavor combination your little heart’s desire!

While the main location is at 291 rue Beaudoin, the Pops Art bike can also be spotted in the Old Port in front of the Science Centre until October 31st

Forget that flavourless freezer dried Itazakadoozie and visit the folks at Pops Art the next time you’re sweating your ass off.

For more information, visit Pops Art’s website or head down to 291 Rue Beaudoin.