Montreal-based rap force Boots & Scoops, masters of the lazy-day spin around the block and hosts of Mondays in the Bishi, released released their Summer2014 EP, on July 15th.

If you aren’t familiar with Boots & Scoops, then you should take some time out of the day to watch a few episodes of Mondays in the Bishi. As the hosts of their webcam series, the guys take us on a tour around whichever Montreal neighbourhood they feel like exploring that day, rapping, singing and dancing—often accompanied by guests and friends. Nowhere else can you get this kind of entertainment; it makes you wish your friend with a car were a better rapper.

The EP is packed with songs from the bishi, remastered for a more put together feeling, and it’s definitely worth a listen.

Check out their Bandcamp for the EP and a quick preview of Season 1 of their show below so you can see what you’re missing.