We’re about halfway through the 2014 Fantasia Film Festival, but there are still a ton of incredible films to see. We’ve compiled a day-by-day list of the must-see flicks that still have tickets available. Don’t miss out on these spooky gems!

Into The Storm - 5

Into The Storm, Steven Quale (Action/2014/89 mins/English)
July 28, 9:35pm, Concordia Hall theatre

If spectacular weather disasters are more your scene, Steven Quale’s tornado thriller chronicles a group of storm chasers, from professional photographers to iPhone wielding bystanders, who are a little too desperate to capture the perfect shot. In the same vein as 1996’s Twister, this natural disaster flick will nearly rip the speakers off the wall. Strap yourself in and hold on tight.

Cybernatural 2

Cybernatural, Leo Gabriadze (Horror/2014/82 mins/English)
July 29, 9:45pm, J.A. DeSeve Theatre

A second screening of Leo Gabriadze’s Cybernatural was added last-minute because the first one was an unexpected smash hit. The setting of this terrifying film is a six-way Skype call between high schoolers on the anniversary of their friend’s suicide. But when a seventh mystery caller appears, the chat turns… bloody. In a world rife with cyberbullying, this topical slasher might just scare you off social media… for good.

TheHouseAtTheEndOfTime 1

The House at the End of Time, Alejandro Hidalgo (Horror/2013/100 mins/Spanish + English subs)
July 30, 5:20pm, J.A. DeSeve Theatre

A chilling ghost story in the spookiest sense, The House at the End of Time is the second-highest grossing Venezuelan film of all time. With stunning cinematography and gorgeous lighting, this film from first-time writer and director Alejandro Hidalgo is a remarkable feature film debut that will leave you chilled to the bone.

When Animals Dream - 1

When Animals Dream, Jonas Alexander Amby (Horror/2014/84 mins/Danish + English subs)
July 31, 9:45pm, DB Clarke Theatre

A festival hit at Cannes, this stunning coming-of-age werewolf film from Denmark is a definite must-see. Set in a quiet fishing village, a beautiful young woman named Marie is undergoing some remarkable body changes: not only is she going through puberty, she is transitioning in strange, and more beastly, ways as well.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 10.26.40 AM

WolfCop, Lowell Dean (Comedy/2014/79 mins/English)
August 1, 11:55pm, Concordia Hall Theatre

If you want an outrageous humour fix, check out Canadian director Lowell Dean’s latest Canuxploitation film, the awesomely-titled WolfCop. After small town officer Lou Garou suffers a late-night animal attack in the woods, he wakes up with a strange symbol carved into his chest and a newfound werewolfish demeanour. He quickly discovers that alcoholic beverages fuel his lycanthropic abilities, which he fully utilizes to pick up hot chicks and solve crimes.

The Green Inferno - 1 (1)

The Green Inferno, Eli Roth (Horror/2014/100 mins/English)
August 2, 9:15pm, Concordia Hall Theatre

Notorious splat pack director Eli Roth  (Cabin Fever, Hostel) is in town to bring us his latest torture-porn film The Green Inferno. This thriller chronicles a group of student activists whose plane crashes on their mission to help protect the Peruvian rainforest. The survivors are abducted by a terrifying tribe of cannibals, who have a penchant for torture and mutilation. This grotesque gore-fest will leave audiences sweating and sick to their stomachs. Not for the weak of heart.

Michael Fassbender as Frank

Frank, Lenny Abrahamson (Musical/2014/95 mins/English)
August 3, 4:20pm, Concordia Hall Theatre

Inspired by journalist Jon Ronson’s encounter with late British musician Frank Sidebottom, this quirky musical dramedy by Lenny Abrahamson tells the story of an oddball performer. Frank (Michael Fassbender) is the frontman of a strange band, but he never reveals his true identity, instead opting to wear a larger than life bobble-head mask while he performs both on and off stage.

Welcome to New-York

Welcome to New York, Abel Ferrara (Drama/2014/125 mins/English)
August 5, 9:45pm, Concordia Hall Theatre

The North American premiere of Abel Ferrara’s newest film Welcome to New York is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser as this year’s closing film. This controversial drama addresses the notorious (and true) Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair, although the director claims it is not directly about Dominique (yeah right). The film chronicles main character “Devereaux,” the former director of the International Monetary Fund, during his drug-fuelled sex romps in New York City until allegations of sexual assault from a hotel maid spark a torrid investigation.

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