When Archer Hard Goods opened its online boutique, it aimed to select the highest-quality every-day use products that combine style with long lasting function, made ethically, by hand and with safe materials and ingredients. Durable and sustainable, each item selected for sale in the shop has been carefully curated and researched.

Archer aims to associate with companies that focus on quality rather than quantity. In their own words, they search for “function, ergonomics, durability, sustainability and design”. While many of these companies host their own site, or partner with other retail establishments, in order to avoid competing with each other, Archer seeks to work along side a company to design special Archer editions of items.


The next question Archer asks itself is, why should utilitarian not be beautiful? Combining practicality and design, in a cottage-life idyllic, they host items like a honey drippersea salt soap, and even nutcrackers.

Citing Aristotle, Dylan Adair (co-owner, along with his wife Mia) explains, “we are what we repeatedly do”. The cycle of buying cheaply priced and cheaply produced goods, he notes, stems from habit rather than cost-saving measures. It’s convenient and familiar. Archer, in many ways, is simply a “better quality one-stop shop”, like a high-end Wal-Mart.

While the store remains primarily an online experience, Montreal locals (and those visiting) have the opportunity to book a shopping appointment in the St-Henri atelier to browse and buy more carefully hand-crafted products, rather than the mass-produced, at their own leisure.