The 808 CANZ bluetooth speaker is a jack in the box of sound: unassuming at first glance, but packing a monstrous wallop.

Tiny enough to carry around in your shirt pocket, this little beast easily connects to your computer or smartphone wirelessly, and can be surprisingly loud with a tremendous bass response. Even at the second volume notch, the sounds could be pleasantly heard from another room.

But it isn’t flawless. As deep as those bass notes may hit, the speakers can find themselves peaking rather quickly even at relatively low volumes and on certain surfaces the speakers will rattle and shake and could require some soft cloths to dampen it.


While the range is supposed to carry up to 30ft, I found it breaking up at a much shorter distance. Though it may be extremely portable, you may have to move your audio source along with you as well.

Ideal for workspaces, this speaker takes up less space than an external hard drive and adds a crisp, full sound to small and often tinny laptop or phone speakers. Likewise perfect for watching movies, where voices can be clearly heard underneath soundtracks with neither one having to compete over the other for clarity.

Aside from a few minute restrictions, the CANZ make for an excellent audio supply for small spaces.