At The Main, we love trying out new gear. When we recieve something in the mail that we like, we write about it. But these products have to fall within the style and quality of The Main’s focus, and we never write about something we wouldn’t write about naturally.

At first glance, being larger than most 808’s models, the 808 Hex XL Bluetooth speakers seem fit for a stay-on-the-desk use. Although this may be true, they are surprisingly light and can easily transported in a purse or simply in hand to bring the party elsewhere if desired, and keep it bumpin’!

If it’s a picnic you’re having, don’t worry about plugging it in, because these babies have a rechargeable battery with ten-hour autonomy. Moreover, you can keep your phone in your pocket while you scamper over to the mini bar in the kitchen or join your friends on the balcony without losing connection with the Bluetooth speakers. So sway away, since these have more than a 30-feet wireless range.

On top of that, 808’s Hex XL are one of the few speakers where the bass does not overwhelm the rest of the instruments when a song is being blasted. The only Nota bene I’d have to add is that the sound does get a little staticky if you up the volume too much. Nonetheless, this device is an affordable choice for an easy and convenient day-to-day use.