In an industry where lyrics can be repetitive and music is often imitable, it’s difficult to stand out and stand the test of time… but then there’s Yoni Wolf, front man of indie hip hop/rock band WHY?.

WHY? has been around for quite some time now and has released four albums and four EPs in the span of 10 years. The band consists of Yoni, his brother Josiah, Doug McDiarmid and Liz Hodson. While the band has not released any music in a while, a video for “Jonathan’s Hope” was recently released —two years after the song. Wolf states that right now was the “appropriate time” despite the delay.


Aside from making music, Wolf’s podcast The Wandering Wolf, that he started over a year ago is already boasting 73 episodes and a solid following. Wolf started making podcasts with the intention of “directly communicating as opposed to communicating through metaphors [in music] or people hearing it four years later on a record.” He’s hosted interviews with Lou Barlow of Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr., Avey Tare of Animal Collective, author Tao Lin and even members of his family where he discusses a variety of topics ranging from solitude, drug use, meditation and creativity.

He recently hosted Lorde on the podcast and stated in our interview that they have indeed collaborated musically together. Despite Lorde being often classified as a pop artist, their styles mixed well and they “worked smoothly together.” She was initially a fan of his and through working together, Wolf has become a huge fan of hers.

WHY?’s music is often defined by its non-sequitur lyricism that still manages to express emotion and Wolf credits his own life as inspiration while taking note of his sensitive personality.

Wolf claims to be working and collaborating on a lot of different projects at the moment but we’ll have to wait and see what he comes up with.

WHY? will be performing  with Dessa and Full Circle for POP Montreal this Saturday at La Vitrola.

Watch their new video for Jonathan’s Hope.

And check out Wolf’s interview with Lorde.