Word &Colour is an online collaboration that pairs art and fiction. This unique project publishes short works of “flash fiction” inspired by art – WORDS inspired by COLOUR. Each week features a different artist and both their artwork and words inspired by it are posted every Wednesday and Friday. Their goal is “to share word and colour that inspires conversations on key issues, while bringing the spotlight on incredible creative work.”

The Head of Words at Word &Colour, Liam Lachance, was more than happy to answer our questions about their dynamic online journal.

The Main: Can you describe the origins of the Word &Colour project? What was the main inspiration for this company and what are its objectives today?

Lachance: I was submitting stories inspired by art that editors didn’t like, and so I started my own project by contacting artists I saw in magazines, like Juxtapoz, to share their work with what it had inspired me to write. I was really surprised by the enthusiasm from some of the bigger artists, like Aryz, or Naranjalidad, who seemed to like the angle of pairing fiction inspired by their work with their feature, instead of an interview.


The Main: What is the nature of your working relationship with local Montreal artists? How do you go about choosing which artists to feature and do you have any guidelines in terms of content? Do you collaborate with any other local artist collectives?

Lachance: We’re really in love with Montréal’s art scene – we had a blast at Mural Fest. We’ve been lucky to have worked with local artists such as Marie Mainguy and Sandra Chevrier, and our new Colour Editor is Mugluck, a Parisian artist based in Montreal, who has brought an emphasis on local art to our selection process. We look for visual art that is striking. We’ve featured everything from illustration GIFs to street art. Our requirements are that artists portfolios do not promote stereotypes, and we’re always looking to share more of Montreal’s artists and writers who deserve more exposure.


The Main: Your website says you “deliver” free art and fiction collaborations. Do you have a print publication? Or is your website and social media the main channel for viewing these pieces? What is the underlying motivation behind Word &Colour‘s desire to disseminate art in this way?

Lachance: We like e-delivery because it keeps the project free and accessible to our international followers. The open concept of the web allows our collaborations to be available for new fans without having to send out a magazine, via our e-sign-up-sheet. We’re really humbled to have already worked with artists from over forty countries!

The Main: It sounds like you have an amazing project on your hands.

Lachance: We’re really humbled to have had such a positive reaction to the project – it seems like such a good time to be a writer in Montreal.

That it does!

All photos from Word & Colour. Featured image by Carlo Stanga.