If you’ve been dreaming about visiting a museum after hours since the release of Night at the Museum, tomorrow is your big chance. While we can’t guarantee that the displays will come to life or that you’ll be able to stay overnight (okay, so it’s not much like the film at all), McCord Museum’s second edition of After Hours at the McCord is happening tomorrow evening (Thursday, October 9th). For a reduced price, guests will have access to all current exhibitions between the hours of 5 and 9 pm.

Intended for young professionals/creative types, After Hours at the McCord is a great opportunity to get out there and meet some like-minded people. Guests are free to mingle and view the exhibits while enjoying drinks from the bar and complimentary hors d’oeuvres. Music provided by DJ Abeille will round out the night of “culture, music and cocktails”.

Also available to all visitors will be the exhibition Music – Quebec: from Charlebois to Arcade Fire. Presented by Radio-Canada and Sony, the showcase “invites visitors to learn how musical artists have become, sometimes in spite of themselves, the standard-bearers for society’s demands and the driving force behind popular passions, as well as representatives of various eras.” This exhibition closes on October 13th and usually costs an additional entry fee, so tomorrow night is your best chance to tour Quebec’s musical history.

Intent on studying, archiving and showcasing our city’s past and present, the McCord Museum holds a wealth of Montreal history and culture. One of the largest historical collections in North America, they provide visitors with a look at Montreal’s history “as recounted by its people, artists and communities.” Tickets for their After Hours event are available at $15 instead of $19, and those who become Museum Members tomorrow night will be reimbursed. So, what’s there to lose? Go spend your night at the museum.