If you’ve never been to the Botanical Gardens, you should give it a shot. And what better time than just before winter begins. A walk through the Botanical Gardens is an experience that places you apart from the city, the daily bustle, and into a world of natural beauty. This fall, that natural beauty has been augmented by the artistic endeavors of an international spirit. Now you can experience the Gardens in the light of day, with beautiful sculptures, or by night, with the glow of these magnificent creations.

The Gardens of Light have been illuminating the Montreal Botanical Gardens since early September, but the lights are turning off soon. Grab your tickets before it’s too late.


Every day from 9am – 9pm. The last day is November 2, until 9 pm. Advised to go starting 6:30-7pm and on Weekdays to avoid the crowd.

Adult tickets are $18.75 and $14 for students.